About Us

Welcome to Kalichoo! Our brand is based on the first couple letters of our family's first names. Keith, Lisa, Katelyn, Chloe

kal · uh · choo

We are a small family business; a husband and wife team. We specialize in personalized laser engraved gifts. It is a lot of fun to create something completely original, from the heart.

We go the extra mile to make sure the items we sell reflect a high level of quality that we're proud to display in our own home. Our studio (the space above our garage) is dedicated to our Etsy shop. We are a creative family - our school-age daughters are also artistic and have a lot of input on the products we sell.

When we are not working, we are spending time with our two daughters, cooking together, playing tennis, or sitting by the campfire.

What's New!! We recently expanded our horizons with a print shop production partner for some items which are print on demand. Check out our very cool Cryptid Alien Abduction items in the "Believe" collection!!

If you are looking for unique, quality products - you are in the right place! We are driven by creative intention and take the time to craft each item with so much care! Our goal is to provide fun & durable products for your home (and ours).

CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOME! Please reach out to us with any questions by clicking, "Contact" from the top menu. We are very responsive.

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(Keith & Lisa)
Wells, Maine